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Flights India, the comprehensive flight guide for 2012 and 2013. Search and compare the best Cheap Flights to INDIA from London Heathrow and UK regional airports. Find the latest deals from all major airlines and travel agents. Book online, it's so easy, secure and safe.

London Heathrow to Delhi and Mumbai are the two most popular flight routes to India from the UK. Between them these destinations account for more than half of the air traffic in South Asia and are considered to be the major gateways into India.

Find out more about flying to these most popular Indian destinations. Discover which airlines fly these flight routes to and from the UK, review expected flight times, airport locations plus best city - airport transfer methods and times.

Flights to: Bangalore | Chennai (Madras) | Cochin (Kochi) | Delhi | Goa | Hyderabad | Kolkata (Calcutta) | Mumbai (Bombay)

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Airport Codes
ATQ Amritsar
AMD Ahmedabad
BLR Bangalore
MAA Chennai
COK Cochin
DEL Delhi
GAU Guwahati
HYD Hyderabad
CCU Kolkata
BOM Mumbai
TRV Thiruvananathapuram
Click here for information about the airport of Amritsar.Click here for information on The international airport of Delhi, India.Click here for details of Guwahati airport.Click here for information  about Ahmedabad International airport of India.Click here for Kokata (Calcutta) airport information.Click here to see information about the International Airport of Bombay - Mumbai.Click here for the Indian airport of Hyderabad.Take flight to the International Airport of Goa. The destination for that perfect Goan holiday.Click here for information  about the airport based at Bangalore in Southern India.Chennai Madras airport. Click here for details of this popular Indian airport.Kochi or Cochin Airport in Southern India. Click here to find out more.Click here for more information about the airport at Thiruvananathapuram.

Flights India Regular Features

India Travel Guides
To aid your selection of where to visit within this vast sub-continent of India, we have compiled a series of comprehensive travel Guides. Discover the best locations, the climate, local airports, plus general travel and tourist information.

Health for Travellers
It would certainly spoil your enjoyment if you were to fall ill during your stay in India. The impact could be much worse if you were to contract a more serious illness requiring medical treatment or hospitalisation

Travel Insurance
Before embarking on your flight to India, we strongly recommend that you and everyone who may be travelling with you have sufficient Travel Insurance cover. In fact we would urge you to think of insurance as an essential part of your holiday package.

Visa Requirements
Every person Flying to India from the UK must have a current and valid passport and visa. Visas must be obtained in advance and there are no exceptions. No visa = no flight.

Flying to India

London Heathrow is currently the only UK airport from which direct flights to India are available. These direct non-stop flight routes are available to and from New Delhi, Mumbai (Bombay), Bangalore, Chennai (Madras), Hyderabad and Kolkata (Calcutta). British Airways offer a connecting flight service from Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow to London Heathrow for these flight schedules.

Scheduled flight routes that include one or more stops en-route are plentiful throughout the year from most UK regional and London airports to all the Indian international airports. These flights will be via other European cities such as Paris flying with Air France, Frankfurt with Lufthansa, or Amsterdam with the KLM airline. Some of the best flight deals however can be found by flying via the Middle East or Gulf States with airlines such as Gulf Air, Etihad and Emirates being the most popular.

Discover India

Take a scheduled UK to India flight in 2010 and discover India. A direct flight to India from the uk could land you in on the link to read more and discover India.

A direct flight to India from the UK could land you in Delhi in the plains of the central north, Mumbai (Bombay) on the west coast, Kolkata (Calcutta) in the east close to the border with Bangladesh, or Chennai (Madras) in the deep south.

Discover the great subcontinent of India, an area steeped in culture and history. A country so diverse in it's geography, ranging from the snowy white peaks of the Himalayas, to the rich green sugarcane fields of The Punjab.

The area of Northern India is somewhere in excess of 900,000 square miles, while Southern India covers some 350,000 square miles. To put this into some perspective, Southern India alone is greater in size than France and Germany combined.

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